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Phillip Stemann

November 28, 2023

Why the 4 P’s of Time Management Matter

The 4 P's of time management are crucial for your time management framework. They help you achieve productivity

Recharge with Weekly Reflection Questions for a Better Week Ahead

Reflecting is where you develop yourself and move forward. Weekly reflection is one of the best methods. Here

The Art of Slowing Down: How to Find Balance Between Productivity and Mindfulness

The art of slowing down is super underrated and can help you perform better and become more productive

Unlocking The Benefits Of Planning Your Day – 7 Benefits

Planning is vital to success every day. If you plan your day, then you feel more accomplished in

9 Best Apps to Plan Your Day

A planner app is entirely different from a to-do app. There are some different ones today, and I've

How To Create A Weekly Plan That Works For You

A weekly plan you have planned ahead of the week will set your hours ahead as your brain