Task Management

With our task management you will be sure to get through your daily to-do lists, plan your day and week accordingly and much more.

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Plan your day ahead and get through your tasks

By planning your day ahead you allow yourself to start thinking solutions already at the planning point. This means when you reach the point where you actually need to work on the task, then you often have the solution already, and solve it much faster. - And by the way, all the tasks you don't solve? We automatically move to the next day for you.

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Recurring tasks

If you have recurring tasks each week then set up a task as recurring to save time.

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Add to the backlog

We have added a backlog where you can add all the tasks you don't know when to solve.

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Filter by tags

To faster create an overview of specific tasks, you can add tags to your tasks.

Elaborate your tasks with subtasks

Using subtasks allows you to specify a task even more and to split it up. Some times a task can seem overwhelming just by the task title. Splitting it up in minor tasks makes it easier to comprehend, and creates a bigger possibility for you to solve the task.

Plan Your Day

Solve tasks faster

By splitting up your tasks in subtasks you will see yourself increase your speed in solving your tasks.

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Avoid getting stuck

A big task with just a title, easily get's you stuck, but by breaking it up in subtasks you avoid this.

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Finish subtasks

The feeling of check-marking a task when it's done is just amazing, remember to do it for your subtasks.

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Pull in tasks from our native integrations

To improve your productivity even further, we have built native integrations to help you work faster. Simply add your Notion or Trello account for example, and then we will pull in your tasks. All there is left for you to do is to plan your tasks, and start solving them.

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9 integrations

At the moment we support 5 integrations, but we're constantly working on many more.

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Seamless data sync

We synchronise all your data in real-time, no need to refresh, just pull in your tasks and plan your day.

Time blocking

Drag your tasks

When we pull in your tasks, then all you have to do is to drag your tasks to your overview.

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