Time Tracking

Tracking time on your tasks helps you to remember how much time you've spent and reflect later on if tasks took longer than first expected.

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Track your time on tasks and subtasks

There are multiple benefits to tracking the time on your tasks. First, it will help you invoice your clients if they pay you hourly. Secondly, you can use it to reflect on the time you've spent on specific tasks. Lastly, it will help you better plan your future tasks.

Recent timers

Recent timers

You have an overview of your recent timers to start them again from the timer quickly.

Estimate your tasks


Estimate your tasks before you start to track the time on your tasks. It's a good comparison point.



When you're done with a task then evaluate it. How long did it take compared to your estimation?

Tracking your tasks helps you plan your day

By tracking your tasks, you know how much time the different tasks require. This helps you better plan your tasks on specific days and avoid planning more tasks than you have time for on that particular day.

Plan Your Day


Estimate your main tasks as a comparison point to when you're done tracking them.

Calendar overview

Plan your day

With the estimation of both subtasks and tasks, you will know how many tasks you can solve today.

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Breaking your tasks into subtasks and tracking the time helps you be more productive.

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Estimate your tasks and subtasks

Estimating your tasks and subtasks is always good practice. It helps you give better estimates to your customers, yourself or a project manager. On top of that then you can use it to evaluate your performance on tasks where you track the time.

Getting started

Getting started

Estimation is difficult in the beginning, but just get started and then you will improve over time.

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Keep improving

You will see that your estimations will come closer to your time tracked over time.

Estimate your tasks

Estimate tasks

This is why it's so important you estimate your tasks and track the time. It makes you better.

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