Stop losing track of
your tasks lets you plan your day with tasks from multiple project management tools in one simple view, to help you be more productive. platform
Here are some of our native integrations
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You'll never miss a deadline!

With, you will never miss a deadline because you lost track of your tasks. You can easily organize your day, track your goals
and become more productive.

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Organize your day

Organize your tasks across multiple applications, and don't loose track of your day.

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Track progress can easily track your goals by assigning tasks. Of course, you will follow your progress as well.

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Set goals

Once you set specific goals with time frames, you can organize and manage your workload.

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Limit distractions

Concentrating on work for extended periods in an organized workspace is much easier.

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Calendar overview keeps you aware of what meetings and due dates you have coming up in your schedule.

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Practice accountability

Accountability includes keeping your to-do list in mind. You should evaluate your goal list, reflect on your progress and identify the steps you need to take.

Track your progress across multiple applications

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Plan your day

With, you can easily plan your day,
and help yourself solve the tasks.

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Set goals

Setting up weekly goals helps you stay on track. Add your tasks to your goals to help track the progress for you.

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Organize your emails

Convert your emails into tasks pulls in your emails and tasks from multiple places to allow you to plan your day and week using these excellent features.

Increase in productivity
More tasks solved
For Individuals is designed for all individuals

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Integration Tasks

The integrations we have built from Trello and Notion into enables you to work much more efficiently, as you can plan your days and weeks, pulling in tasks and dragging and dropping them on your week.

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Backlog Module

We all have tasks we want to get done, but doesn't necessarily know when you handle them. For this the backlog module is perfect. Here you can collect your tasks you want to work on, but doesn't have a deadline yet.

Backlog module
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Calendar Events

We know how important it is to stay on top of your meetings, and overall schedule. Therefor you can attach all your calendars in, so you have an overview of your events, right next to all your tasks.

Calendar integrations
Goal Module

Monitor the progress of your work

Stay organized

Organize your schedule at a healthy pace, with better results without burning out.

Productive in mind

All our features are built with productivity in mind, and you will always be efficient with


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use for free? offers a 14-day free trial where you can use all the functionality, no credit card needed. After this you will have to upgrade to the Pro plan.

Does have a free trial?

Yes we do, 14 days where you can use all you want, with full functionality.

How do I get help?

We both have a live chat where we offer support as fast as possible. Otherwise you can always send us an email at and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Can I extend my trial?

We have a section in your billing settings where if you offer your honest opinion it will result in an extended trial for weeks, depending on the amount of reviews you do.

What platforms does integrate with?

At the moment we integrate with Google Calendar, Gmail, Outlook, Outlook Calendar and Trello.

Can Isign up with Google or Outlook?

Google and Outlook are the 2 most used email clients. And yes do support these 2. We even support that you can pull in your emails from Outlook and turn them into tasks. This saves you a tonne of time.

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