Get started for free, and plan your day is an investment in yourself to become more productive and save time on manual tasks.

Can I use for free? offers a free plan where you can use all the functionality, no credit card needed. After this, you will have to upgrade to the Pro plan.

Does have time blocking?

Yes, you can integrate your Google Calendar or Outlook account and plan all your tasks directly in your calendar.

How do I get help?

We both have a live chat, offering support as fast as possible. Otherwise, you can always email us at, and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Can I get more tasks?

We have a section in your billing settings where if you offer your honest opinion, it will result in more tasks available, depending on the number of reviews you do.

What platforms does integrate with?

We currently integrate with Google Calendar, Outlook, Outlook Calendar, Trello, Notion,, Todoist and Asana.

Can I sign up with Google or Outlook?

Google and Outlook are the 2 most used email clients. And yes, do support these 2. We even support that you can get your emails from Outlook and turn them into tasks. This saves you a tonne of time.