About Planzer.io

Planzer.io was started by myself, Phillip. I've been working as a freelancer for around 10 years, and I was missing a tool supporting me as an individual; therefore, Planzer.io was born.


Beautiful People

Are right now using Planzer.io, and I'm so proud.



Has been created using Planzer.io as a task planner.



Create by the beautiful people using Planzer.io

Planzer.io values

I want to build Planzer.io to become the best task planner for individuals.

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Planzer.io is all about building an innovative platform that makes your every day as an individual easier.

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The best task planner

It's an ambitious goal, but I believe in it. However, I can't do it without you. I listen to all the feedback I receive and execute it.

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Deadlines are something we all work with, whether we're independent or work in companies. This is something I want to help individuals achieve with ease.

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Being an individual

I know first-hand how time-consuming it is not to have a team. Therefore your task planner should save you time and not be an obstacle.

The team

Right now it's just me behind Planzer.io

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